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Dirty dictionary

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Those nasty, ghetto, slutty chicks that block up the halls in your highschool. When you try to pass them you feel like you need a shower to sanitize yourself of the. Dirty definition, soiled with dirt; foul; unclean: dirty laundry. See more. A pair of dirty shoes. Licensed from iStockPhoto. adjective. The definition of dirty is something soiled, unclean or impure. A job that causes your hands to become .

Things that aren't clean are dirty. The greasy pans in your sink, your muddy shoes, your smelly dog, your strange uncle's jokes — all of these things are dirty. Definition of dirty - covered or marked with an unclean substance, (of an activity) dishonest; dishonourable, concerned with sex in a lewd or obscene wa. Dirty definition is - not clean or pure. How to use dirty in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of dirty. Medical Dictionary. dirty. adjective \ ˈdərt-ē \. medical.

SYNONYMY NOTE: dirty is applied to that which is covered or filled with any kind of dirt and is the broadest of these terms [a dirty face, a dirty room]; soiled. Synonyms for dirty at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for dirty. Explore Define dirty. dirty synonyms, dirty pronunciation, dirty translation, English dictionary definition of dirty. adj. dirt·i·er, dirt·i·est 1. a. Covered or marked with dirt or an. dirty definition: 1. not clean: 2. unfair, dishonest, or unkind: 3. used to describe something that is connected with sex, in a way that many people think is offensive . dirt•y /ˈdɜrti/USA pronunciation adj., -i•er, -i•est, v., -ied, -y•ing, adv. adj. soiled with dirt:had to wash his dirty hands. spreading dirt; soiling:dirty smoke. vile;.